Cycle 5

In this cycle, students work with the short vowel “o” using the consonants “b” “j”, “w”, “x”, “p”, and “g” and accumulated consonants from prior cycles to decode and encode a large quantity of words with two, three, and even four (as students are ready) phonemes. Short “a,” “i,” and “u” are reviewed in decodables and as extensions in lessons. The introduction of “o” and “w” in this cycle allow for the decoding of “ow” to /ow/ (as in “how”). Lastly, students learn about the common orthographic chunk -ng (“-ang”, “-ing”, “-ung”, “-ong”) which also serves as another opportunity to review /a/, /i/, /u/. Initial blends with b (“bl,” “br”) and w (“sw,” “tw”) and the final blend “-ft” are available for lesson extensions.